Koerner's Pub UBC

Koerner’s Pub is situated in the main area of campus, but also is part of the neighbourhood of student residences and the local residential area. Our mission is to be a driver of social culture on campus, bridging and facilitating the interactions between students, graduate students, faculty, UBC staff and residents. We believe in a bright and vibrate campus culture and do our best to contribute to making UBC a hub of life and culture that extends beyond academics. As a part of this, we often host live music and open air gatherings that focus and feature the rich talent that is part of our community and that is bred in the cultural district of the university. However, we also believe that being an integral part of a community means that we are good neighbours.

Our operating hours are 11:30am-1am and we have a strict policy that all events and any sound or music must be shut down by 1am out of respect to the neighbourhood and outlying residences.

We have worked vigilantly with campus and community planning to operate within the reasonable guidelines of noise levels, and have specific internal policies, equipment and management that ensure that all of our events are operated with this awareness.

Summer 2017 Events


June 10
June 24
July 8
July 29
Aug 12
Sept 2

Koerner’s House Party

June 9